Functional Medicine Salt Lake City

Functional Medicine Salt Lake City

Wellness and Rehab Clinic is a leading treatment center for functional medicine in Salt Lake City. We offer an individualized and patient-centered approach to address the disorders’ underlying causes to help patients attain optimal wellness.

What is functional medicine all about?

Functional medicine accepts that every individual is different genetically and biochemically and takes a personalized approach to treating the underlying issue rather than the disease itself. This approach stimulates the body’s natural healing ability to resolve chronic illnesses or diseases.

Functional medicine doctors can have a deeper understanding of the body and its self-regulation capacity. Functional medicine practitioners promote overall wellness by rectifying the imbalances within the body’s interconnected systems.

Difference between functional and conventional medicine?

Functional and integrative medicine focuses on preventing diseases and helps patients attain optimal health, wellness, and vitality. Here are some of the differences between functional and conventional medicine:

  • Functional medicine gets to the root cause of a problem alongside treating the symptoms and ensuring well-rounded recovery benefits. On the other hand, conventional practices focus on treating the symptoms alone, lacking the former’s long-lasting effectiveness.
  • Our Salt Lake City functional medicine uses a holistic approach and views the body as an interconnected matrix, while conventional medicine focuses solely on promoting physical health.
  • Functional medicine enhances the body’s innate healing ability, while conventional practices use medications to help patients manage symptoms, which does little in the long run.

While conventional medicine is the most practiced form of treatment in the U.S., integrative and functional medicine is gradually gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and sustainability. Our Salt Lake City, Utah, functional medicine clinic offers the best quality care and helps patients attain sustained physical and mental wellness over the years.

Benefits of functional medicine

Functional medicine is a treatment approach that uses a unique model, which prevents and manages chronic illnesses and complex health ailments. Some of the benefits that you can expect include:

  • Personalized focus – The patient and practitioner work together to identify and address the disorder’s causes. A functional medicine practitioner reviews the individual’s medical history and lifestyle choices before determining the problem’s underlying causes. The expert will then designed a patient-oriented treatment approach to meet the patient’s recovery needs and long-term goals.
  • Broad-Based – This form of medicine uses principles from both traditional medicine and integrative medicine approaches. Contrary to conventional treatment practices, functional medicine practitioners use multiple tools to improve their patients’ quality of life. Functional medicine modifies the individuals’ diets, exercise routines, nutrition, etc., to help them attain sustainable wellness over the years following rehab.
  • Focuses on the underlying causes – Practitioners are more focused on identifying the underlying imbalances and factors that may trigger a chronic illness. Unlike conventional treatment, the functional approach addresses the disorder’s causes and provides long-lasting solutions for a comfortable and smooth recovery experience.

Call Wellness and Rehab Clinic at 801-327-8700 to schedule an appointment for functional medicine in Salt Lake City. Our practitioners can provide you with the highest quality care and help you attain improved physical and mental wellness.

Functional Medicine Salt Lake City

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Functional Medicine Salt Lake City

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