Health Insurance After Divorce

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Are you worried about ‘who pays health insurance after a divorce’? At Fast Health Quotes, we bring you the best health insurance quotes from leading insurers in the country. We understand your concerns relating to health insurance after divorce. You have several options to temporarily cover you until you can buy a plan for yourself.

How long does insurance last after divorce?

Federal law governs all rules on divorce and health insurance and states that your insurance coverage under your spouse’s policy ends as soon as your divorce gets finalized. You can seek coverage under COBRA for up to 3 years after the divorce. However, the premium under COBRA is very high. 

If your spouse’s company has less than 20 employees, you can apply for a mini-COBRA plan. In several cases, you may be better off looking for a private insurance plan. You can negotiate in your divorce settlement and ask your husband to pay your premium, in case you cannot afford the cost of the premium.

Health insurance options after divorce?

As per the Federal law, your health insurance coverage ends as soon as your divorce gets finalized. One of the options you have is to get health insurance through COBRA. However, the premiums can be very high under COBRA, and you need to apply for within 36 months after your divorce.

Be sure to notify the health insurance company about your divorce to avoid constituting an insurance fraud. You can speak to your ex-spouse and request coverage under his/her healthcare plan until the next open enrollment period. However, if you are parting ways on hostile terms, it is important to take immediate steps to buy a private insurance plan. Besides, if you do not have your own healthcare coverage or coverage under your spouse’s plan, you can shop for plans on the state exchange or the federal marketplace.

Best health insurance plans for families 

We partner with the leading insurers in the country and bring to you quotes on the best health insurance plans. Some of the promising health insurance plans for families include:

  • Humana – Humana offers the most affordable plans through HMO and PPO plans. It also has several plans with attractive preventative care options and wellness programs. 
  • Kaiser Permanente – This is a trusted health insurance name and is available in most of the states. Its network encompasses 22,000 participating physicians. They offer the best customer service, savings account options, and a variety of healthcare plans to choose from.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield – BCBS is one of the few insurers to be available in all the 50 states. Regardless of your affordability and extent of coverage you require, BCBS has a plan for everyone. It offers excellent customer service to policyholders and approves medical procedures in the shortest time.

For the best insurance tips when you get divorced, call Fast Health Quotes or visit us at We make buying health insurance after divorce an easy, simple, and affordable procedure. Don’t let the insurance changes after divorce intimidate you. Take action today to keep yourself safe from sudden and unforeseen medical expenses.

How To Go About Health Insurance After Divorce

health insurance after divorceMany marriages maintain one medical insurance plan for the entire family because it is cheaper and easier to maintain. In some cases, the spouse who does not work cannot afford a separate coverage plan and must rely on their spouse’s. Many employers in the United States will establish the most qualified candidate as per all eligible requirements.One of the most complicated issues to sort out after divorce is the …

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Health Insurance After Divorce

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