Korean spa in LA

Choosing a Korean spa in LA is not as easy as you might think. If you want the best treatment available at reasonable prices, consider coming to Grand Spa in LA. Clients love that Grand Spa never closes, so getting a scrub massage at 2am is certainly not out of the question if your work schedule doesn’t coincide with regular business hours.

You and your friends will have a great time at the most luxurious Korean spa in LA. Their facilities and amenities include traditional karaoke, a bath and beauty supply, women’s popular apparel, men’s barber services, a Korean restaurant, cafe and bar facilities, a rest lounge, and or course, a full range of specialized massage, body, facial and beauty services designed to ensure you look and feel terrific.

Enjoy Grand Spa’s gender-exclusive dry and steam sauna facilities for an unparalleled experience. Men’s and women’s Finnish Sauna is a great way to enhance your session at Grand Spa. The interior temperature of a Finnish Sauna is typically between 158 and 202 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity level of about 20%. The health benefits of a steam sauna are far-reaching and include lowering of blood pressure, an increase of heart activity, and detoxification.

Grand Spa is one of the only Korean spa facilities in LA that offers traditional Hwangto Sauna, a mid-to-low temperature far infrared ray thermotherapy treatment room created with walls made of Hwangto clay that has been imported from Korea. Hwangto Sauna is very popular with seniors and others who appreciate the safer low temperatures, while enjoying all of the benefits of the far infrared; in fact, the detox effects of Hwangto are superior even to traditional saunas.

Visitors to Grand Spa can take advantage of cold, warn and hot spas that have the ability to soothe away aches and pains, relax muscles, cleanse the body, aid in insomnia and help promote healing throughout the body. After an invigorating body scrub at the hands of one of Grand Spa’s experts, relax and allow one of their spas to work its magic.

Next to massage, Facial beauty treatment is the second most popular service offered by the experts at the Korean spa in LA. Experience a classic European facial that will clean, exfoliate and nourish the skin of your face to promote a clear and well-hydrated appearance. After a thorough cleansing, the professional esthetician will analyze your skin for any conditions that might exist, exfoliate with steam and grit, extract blackheads or whiteheads and provide a relaxing facial massage. The finishing touch is a facial mask that is geared to your skin type.

Grand Spa offers a range of facial treatments, from facial lifting and crystal peeling to Vitamin C treatment and Deep cleansing facials, all with the express goal of leaving your skin looking and feeling fresher and more youthful.

Grand Spa’s Korean spa in LA never closes- which means you’re able to enjoy an affordable treatment any time of the day or night. Stop in soon to discover why LA considers Grand Spa to be the best in its class in offering high-end services without the elaborate prices you’d expect.