Orange County treatment centers will help you regain control of your life from alcohol or drugs, regardless of attending addiction treatment or a rehabilitation program for the first time. Our compassionate team and evidence-based treatments will prepare you for lasting recovery by assisting you with drug use disorders' mental and physical aspects. Orange County treatment centers offer inpatient rehabilitation, Dual diagnosis addiction treatment, medical detox, partial hospitalization, outpatient care, and medication-assisted therapy.

Orange County Detoxification and Rehab Center

Medical detox is the first phase of rehabilitation, during which all traces of alcohol or drugs are eliminated from one's body. It is strongly advised that detoxification occurs in a specialized treatment and rehabilitation facility under the care of a physician. Because of withdrawal symptoms frequently encountered when drug use is stopped, detoxing may be exceedingly distressing and sometimes life-threatening, particularly for people who have formed a chemical dependence.

The detox program will assist you through detoxification as quickly and comfortably as possible. The caring professional staff will give round-the-clock care and prescribe drugs that may help control withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan incorporating various evidence-based therapeutic methods for treating the mind, body, and spirit. The facility also consists of co-occurring addiction treatment centers where you or your loved one receive a personalized treatment plan. This may consist of;

  • Counseling
  • Behavior interventions
  • Medication-assisted therapeutic interventions
  • Meditation and meditation and yoga therapies
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Health and wellness education
  • Recreational activities
  • Fitness and exercise programs

Co-occurring Disorder Treatment in Orange County

Previously known as dual diagnoses, co-occurring disorders related to the coexistence of problems with mental health and substance use. People who suffer from mental issues are more likely to have alcohol or Substance use problems and co-occurring mental disorders. In some instances, an underlying condition might give rise to a second mental condition, resulting in two diagnoses. This is also known as co-morbidity or concurrent mental disorders.

Schedule of Inpatient Rehab in Orange County

During inpatient treatment at Orange County, you will engage in rigorous therapy, counseling, and courses to attain sobriety. There will be free time and three meals every day. Individuals or their families will talk with an admissions consultant to ask questions or get information about the admissions procedure.

Once all sides reach an agreement on all issues, individuals will be admitted to the treatment facility. At this point, patients begin the admissions process. Essential patient information is collected, and the patient is introduced to the rehabilitation program and standards.

During the admissions process, medical personnel will assess individuals to identify their condition and offer medical suggestions based on their findings. Professionals create a patient's customized profile so they may follow their treatment and progression during their stay. The next step is detox, during which physicians treat withdrawal symptoms to avoid severe harm to the patient.

Orange County treatment facilities support customers with substance abuse and alcohol abuse. In general, treatment clinics provide 30-day rehabilitation programs, as well as 60- and 90-day programs.

Please contact Northbound at 866-311-0003 or email to learn more about our facility.

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