Substance Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

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Substance Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

Carus Recovery offers unsurpassed substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles with top-notch accommodations, gourmet meals, modern amenities, and a dedicated clinical team. We use a combination of medical detox, counseling, psychotherapies, and 12-step meetings to help our clients achieve their recovery goals.

Why we are the best choice for substance abuse treatment

Listed among the top rehab centers in Los Angeles, California, we offer unsurpassed addiction treatment and care in a world-class facility. Here are some of the core treatments available at our Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab:

  • Customized detox treatment – We conduct a comprehensive medical screening and psychiatric evaluation on all patients during intake. We then create a personalized recovery blueprint for each individual, allowing us to address the withdrawal effectively and with minimum health risks. 
  • Highly effective inpatient recovery program – We are a renowned rehab for inpatient addiction treatment in LA. Our inpatient treatment lasts 30 – 90 days and allows former drug users to heal and recover in a serene, tranquil, comfortable, and supportive environment. 
  • Continuing care options – We continue our relationship with our clients even after their program completion through ongoing care programs. Our therapists keep a check on our alumni clients with continuing care programs and solidify their commitment to sobriety with counseling, support group meetings, and individual therapy sessions.

We are a leading inpatient drug rehab center with luxury accommodations and several recreational amenities. Our unique approach to treating addiction and co-occurring mental disorders helps recovering addicts maintain sobriety in the long term and helps them lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Benefits of joining an addiction treatment center

Joining one of the best rehab centers in LA, CA, does more than just helping you get clean. You should expect an array of benefits from attending addiction treatment like:

  1. Medical detox can improve your liver and heart function and enhance other body organs’ performance.
  2. Your sleep quality will improve, and you will have more energy throughout the day.
  3. You can look forward to making new friends, saving money, and having an enhanced mental clarity.

Your recovery story can offer hope for others struggling with addiction. Not to mention, rehab treatment can finally make you look and feel better.

Tips to transition from rehab to regular life

Learning how to navigate from a structured living environment to your routine life can be a tricky and intimidating process. Here are few tips to help to have a seamless transition:

  1. Refrain from returning to your old neighborhood or visiting friends and family members who may cause stress. Try surrounding yourself with positive people and get rid of unhealthy relationships for you to stay sober.
  2. Find a support group in your city or neighborhood and attend therapy sessions regularly. Sign up for continuing care programs at a rehab facility to receive professional guidance whenever you feel tempted.
  3. Before you return home after treatment, ask your friends to remove potential paraphernalia from your house to prevent unwanted memories or disturbing thoughts that could trigger you to relapse.

Your journey towards improved wellness is just a phone call away. Reach us at 888-616-9065 to sign up for our substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles. Carus Recovery offers unprecedented addiction support and care in an exceptional treatment facility with a serene ambiance and world-class amenities. Verify your insurance with us now to embark on a liberating journey towards sobriety.

Substance Abuse Treatment Los Angeles