Scott Chapman, Manual Therapy

Hello, my name is Scott Chapman and I practice Neuromuscular Therapy at YWellness.

What is Neuromuscular therapy you are most likely wondering? I’ll come back to that.

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Paul and Dr. Brian for over 10 years now, helping our clients achieve their best health.

I live in Plymouth with my beautiful wife Amy, and three children, Owen, Sam and Norah, and our Alaskan Malamute dog Nala. Between our never ending home remodeling and living an active lifestyle with everything from biking and kayaking with the family, I would at times incur injuries and always looked for a natural approach to treatment.

The more I was educated about how the body functions, the more passionate I became in wanting to help myself and others to attain better health.

Now back to Neuromuscular therapy…put simply, it is problem solving massage therapy.

I gather information about your health and injury history, then analyze your posture. I then use manual therapy techniques to reduce pain or discomfort and improve function. Home care activities then reinforce the positive outcomes.

I welcome the opportunity to help you with your wellness goals or concerns, and to resolve issues you may be experiencing due to an accident or sports related injury, pregnancy discomfort, stress related or other factors affecting your health.

I love what I do here at Y. One of my clients called our office “Cheers” (the 80s TV show), where everyone knows your name. It fits our warm, caring office atmosphere at Y Wellness! I look forward to helping you reach & maintain an active lifestyle and to live your best life.

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