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Some overwhelming experiences can leave a scar in our life. Natural disasters, physical or mental abuse, war, violence, accident, or even sudden illness can arouse powerful, disturbing feelings in a person. These traumatic experiences don’t necessarily occur when a person him/herself is at the risk of danger or harm, but also feel helpless while seeing their loved ones in frightening situations.

We at Trauma and Beyond center understand the importance of treating these issues with gentle care and love. Our integrative treatment for Trauma involves the most acceptable psychotherapy methods which help our clients in the wholistic recovery of mind, body, and soul. We believe in solving all the issues to the core, making us the most reliable Trauma therapist in Los Angeles.

A few of our most supreme trauma therapy techniques include:

  1. Art Therapy: The idea behind this therapy is to help people explore their thoughts and portray them through art, painting, drawing, sculpturing, or coloring. The Art therapists at Trauma and Beyond center possess excellent knowledge and experience using integrative methods for trauma therapy. Our highly qualified art therapist works with different art techniques to form an implicit connection with the people to understand their deepest thoughts, memories, and experiences that are usually difficult to communicate through language.
  2. Eye-Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR): During EMDR therapy, we will ask the client to recall a disturbing event of his/her life while looking at the therapist’s hand motion. However, the therapist can even use other external stimuli like hand-tapping, toe-tapping, or even musical tones. Our therapists first examine the clients’ behavior and then will conduct this experience with great care. After this intensive trauma treatment, psychological arousal reduces significantly among our clients, and significant stress is relieved.
  3. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Unlike other therapies, in this treatment, rather than utilizing the words of a person, the therapists depend on the client’s bodily experience. The traditional talk therapies sometimes fail to address the unconscious issues of an individual. That’s why, through this therapy, our highly trained therapists will ask the person to re-experience the traumatic event in a safe environment and carefully track their heart rate, muscular tension, and motor impulses. Once the procedure is complete, the individual eventually gets the feelings of completion and closure.
  4. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: In this approach, the therapists aim to change the client’s thinking pattern with their own designed workbooks and homework. Since feelings, emotions, and thoughts are interconnected; therefore, the idea behind this therapy is to shift one to change the other. The therapist and client sit together for almost 50 minutes every weak and come up with different strategies to tackle the situation. And most importantly, it covers a wide range of issues from depression or anxiety to drug or alcohol abuse.
  5. Attachment- Relational Therapies: Early separations, parental abuses, neglect, and hospitalization can cause traumatic issues in children. Hence, we recommend opting for therapy, as it is the best solution for integrative trauma recovery when clients want to form a more secure relationship bond. We provide exceptional training to our therapists, making them the top of the line therapists in attachment relationship treatment who help clients through a therapeutic experience to develop the remarkable capacity to build stronger attachments. The attachment is generally created with the primary caretaker first and then internalized in the infants’ senses, which eventually gives them a feeling of safety and love.

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Trauma Therapist Near Me

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