Cherish Our Baby Natural Childbirth Classes

Welcome to Cherish Our Baby! This ten week course is designed to educate and prepare you for the amazing experience of childbirth! In a small setting, with other expectant parents, you will receive the tools for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and relaxation skills for labor. Your questions will be answered and your fears put to rest! Knowledge is power.

About the class:

Topics for discussion include:

  • Nutrition and exercise in pregnancy

  • The coaches role in pregnancy and labor

  • Overview of the stages of labor and natural techniques for coping

  • Setting goals and listing your priorities for a positive experience

Additional information includes advanced second stage techniques in coaching along with a labor rehearsal, post-partum care and newborn care, breastfeeding challenges and emergency childbirth skills. A birth video is shown at each class, and nutritional snacks are provided.

Contact information: Jo Ann Petersen 612-819-1545 or

How Vaccinations Affect Your Child’s Immune System

There has been a growing concern among parents over recent years regarding vaccinations for their children. Although parents are reassured by their doctor and health officials that these vaccines are safe and effective, there is a growing body of evidence that validates parental concern.

Dr. Brian Boyd has been teaching classes on vaccinations for the past 12 years. The purpose of these classes is to inform parents of the risks vs. the benefits of vaccinations so that they can make an informed decision regarding this issue for their children.

This is an online class.You can get additional vaccine information at

"Dr. Brian Boyd gives the best vaccine class in the state! I believe it is a God-send if you're looking for information regarding vaccine safety, childhood diseases and wellness options."

- Angel Phillips, CST, Blessing Way Bodywork

 Cherish Our Baby

Contact JoAnn Petersen at 612-819-1546 or to sign up, or to get your questions answered.


Vaccine Class

Now available Online!  If you have questions call: 763-543-9080