I was being treated by a medical doctor for a herniated disc and pinched nerved in my neck. I was on strong pain killers and tried physical therapy for several weeks. No progress was made. After having nerve block and more physical therapy, there was still no progress. A spinal specialist recommended surgery. The herniated disc would be replaced and two of the vertebrae in my neck would be fused. The surgery was scheduled for six weeks later.

I attended a men’s group at church and I was sharing my story with them. One of the members of the group told me he had a similar problem with his back a few years ago. He was supposed to have surgery but he went to Y-chiropractic and the problem was cured without surgery. I thought I would try this since I had time before the surgery was scheduled to take place.

Dr. Brian Boyd examined me and said there was a reasonable chance he could fix the problem by making the appropriate adjustments to my spine over the next few weeks. We would know if we were making progress by the date of the surgery. We made excellent progress during that time. The surgery was first deferred and eventually cancelled. I no longer have the pain and have great range of motion. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that I did not have to go through surgery, the rehabilitation after surgery, and live with the limitations of fused vertebrae in my neck.

Y-Chiropractic is a place of healing of both body and spirit. I have been blessed by the care I have received from Dr. Brian, Sarah and Laura.


I started coming to Y-chiropractic because I was injured in a car accident.

Everyone at Y-Chiropractic is so kind. They make you feel so welcome. I would recommend Y-Chiropractic to anyone and have many wonderful things to tell about them.

I drive 45 minutes to an hour just to keep coming to Y- Chiropractic! It is worth the gas mileage and that says a lot about this company and its employees.

Most importantly I am healing up and will feel good again because of their care.


I had been to other chiropractors before, but never had felt I was really being taken care of. I had always felt guilted into decisions, and felt financially taken advantage of.

I was referred to Y-Chiropractic by a co-worker that mentioned Y practiced Gonstead chiropractic. I did some research on Gonstead and thought I would give them a try. I was blown away with the results I got, especially in the time frame.

I never felt guilted into a decision and they worked within my budget. Not only have I felt like I’ve healed faster, but I feel better now than I ever did when I saw other chiropractors. The staff is amazing, from the doctors to the massage therapist right down to the receptionist.

Y-chiropractic has affected my life in that I’m much more mobile and flexible. I don’t have headaches almost at all anymore and I’m able to focus with a clear mind. My adjustments last longer and my body is more receptive to change.

I come as often as I feel is needed and I’m able to do so on my own schedule. They always fit me in at a reasonable time. Y is the most flexible and welcoming, not to mention “homey” office I’ve been to.


I was referred with Chris by his co-worker Heidi. We had seen a few other chiropractors previously and one had caused more back pain for me than when I first saw him.

Heidi told us about the Gonstead technique used here so we thought we’d try it out. I think that was in ’09 and we have been coming back since.

I had been having issues with my hand and knees due to repetitive stress. I sometimes feel I can’t perform my work duties.

Coming here consistently had helped alleviate pain and makes me able to perform well at work. Y-Chiropractic has without a doubt improved my quality of life. It’s amazing what a good adjustment/massage can do!

Paul P.

My care at Y-Chiropractic has affected my life in that my neck feels much better – turns without pain. X-rays show my spine is getting aligned correctly. My lower back and right hip do not bother me like they used to. I also feel that I have more flexibility in my overall body – increased range of motion in my neck.

Jessica W.

When we moved to MN we wanted to find a chiropractor for our family. Thankfully, we followed a great recommendation and came to Y.

We use chiropractic for continued health maintenance. My sons have been coming since birth. I attribute their strong health to chiropractic!

My care at Y-Chiropractic has affected my life in that I feel great when I get adjusted. My immune system is stronger and my body feels better.

Being a mom of three, I am very active. Chiropractic helps us all feel our best. And this is the friendliest office ever!


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of pain between my shoulder blades.

Y-Chiropractic has affected my life dramatically. Not only did it resolve the back pain, but it cleared up some allergies I had to certain foods, and increased my energy levels in general.

I now am a firm believer in regular chiropractic care as part of my preventive health care regimen.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I had back pain and needed to do something about it. I was told about Y-Chiropractic by a friend.

After my first appointment and the consultation that followed I felt that Dr. Brian and Dr. Paul were very knowledgeable and honest.

Y-Chiropractic has changed my life because I no longer have debilitating back pain and feel all around healthier with a spine that is aligned.


I started coming to Y-Chiropracic because I have mild scoliosis, and as a result, contend with pinched nerves. I believe the “Gonstead Technique” is the only effective form of chiropractic care, in which I get relief.

Y-Chiropractic has affected my life in that now like most people with back problems I don’t have to say…”I can’t do that, I’ve got back problems,” because I’ve got a good/effective chiropractor.


I started coming to Y-Chirorpactic because I golf and had been experiencing sporadic back pain for over two years. Finally I had a consult at the Golf Show and it showed that I needed chiropractic care.

One of the choices was Y-Chiropractic and it was relatively close to my home. I come back to Y-Chiro as the atmosphere here is relaxing and respectful.

My care at Y-Chiropractic changed my life because first, I hadn’t even realized that I was living with a continuous headache until my first neck adjustment. The immediate relief was nothing short of miraculous for me.

Besides my back no longer killing me, I’ve noticed that I’ve had to go less to the doctor for sinus and aches and pains. I’ve also influenced my friends and family to start chiropractic care and they have all noticed an improvement in their well being.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I was experiencing stiffness and pain in my neck, as well as my wrist.

My routine visits have kept my original problems from reoccuring, as well as quickly resolving problems which come up due to my sedentary work and occasional small accidents.

Being pain free has enabled me to continue with a normal lifestyle, which includes keeping up with my eight grandchildren.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I was having a consistent propblem with not being able to turn my neck to the left.

From the care I received at Y-Chiropractic I now have full movement in my neck and an overall feeling of wellness. Adjusments have helped with other problems that have come up over the past few years.

Love all the people there too!


I was referred to Y-Chiropractic because I was suffering with chronic headaches and increasing pain in my hip.

From the care I received my headaches have now ceased and my hip has improved to the point where I started running again after not being able to for years.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of the lumbar pain I was having on my left back side. In addition I owned a flower shop for many years and was on my feet for six days a week!

The care I received at Y-Chiropractic has all been good! We (my husband and I) wouldn’t go anywhere else. They have the correct treatments for everything.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of a talk I heard at BNI. I could tell Dr. Paul was very passionate about his work.

From the care I received at Y-Chiropractic my posture is visibly better and has been now for several years.

When something tweaks, I just come in another time each week until it gets better. Life with less pain is just plain better!


We started coming to Y-Chiropractic because we moved to Minnetonka and it seemed like the best Gonstead place in the area.

The care I received at Y-Chiropractic has improved my back.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of the back, neck, arm and leg problems I was having.

Since I started care at Y-Chiropractic I feel better – the tingling problems I was having are gone and I can move around much better.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of headaches and numbness in my hand.

My care at Y-Chiropractic has taken hold of the pain and fixed it.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of radiating back pain, knee pain and headaches.

The care I received at Y-Chiropractic has minimized my pain. I know if I hurt myself again it can be fixed quickly and properly.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of pain in my shoulders and lower back.

The care I received at Y-Chiropractic has changed my life because my pain has left.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I thought I had arthritis. I went to my family practitioner and they ran tests and discovered that no, it wasn’t arthritis.

My mom suggested a Gonstead chiropractor and I researched online and found Y-Chiropractic. My first visit I was in tears because of my chronic pain. I felt 90 when I was only 40 years old and Dr. Brian said it would get better.

Well, a year and a half later I’m feeling so much better. My chronic pain is gone and I come in once a week to stay in alignment.

The care I received at Y-Chiropractic has changed my life because I have more mobility and my chronic pain is gone. I am so thankful for the training that Dr. Brian has.

I have been to other chiropractors and never had results like this. One chiropractor told me to stop vacuuming when my shoulder hurt. Dr. Brian took care of the pain and solved my problems instead.

Carole K.

I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I have terrible back pain for several years, and headaches for as long as I can remember! I have tried everything, from injections to PT and nothing changed.

The care I received at Y-Chirorpactic has changed my life because my headaches are gone and I am beginning to get relief from my back pain. It’s a slow process, but I’m seeing improvement. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Lori K.

I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because my mother suggested it. She was happy with her results, so being “Mom” she told me that I should try it.

My family doctor wanted to do surgery on my neck. After seeing Dr. Brian I no longer needed surgery. Thanks!


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I was experiencing sharp pains in my hip which was completely unrelated to any particular injury I might have had.

After talking with my father about it, he referred me to Y-Chiropractic.

Beyond removing the pain in my hip, which was most notable, I began realizing that I no longer experienced headaches. I mean no more headaches at all and I used to get them a few times a week.

Treatment with Dr. Brian and Y-Chiropractic has been a completely pleasant experience and their communication throughout treatment has made it without question my best interaction with a doctor.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic for a sciatic nerve issue going down my leg. I also had several times a year where I had a stiff back.

Since coming to Y-Chiropractic, I have not had any lower back issues. Also, Dr. Brian has worked on an arthritic left knee which has allowed me to continue playing basketball.

I started as a non-believer of chiropractic adjustments to becoming a believer.


I was diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis in 2011. I was not sleeping very well, had pain in my back and down my legs (mostly my right one), especially in the morning. I tried physical therapy, but I could not do much of the exercises.

Over time I did better, saw a physical medicine rehab specialist and was scheduled for a lumbar epidural steroid injection. At that point I decided that I did not want to take that step yet.

My daughter suggested I try her chiropractor, Dr. Paul Moon.

Since coming to Y-Chiropractic, my attitude toward my diagnosis is changing. Instead of just trying to manage my pain and accept this will probably just get worse, I am thinking in terms of getting my body in a position to do what it is supposed to do, heal itself. My attitude is much more optimistic, and I have been doing more and sleeping better.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I was at an airshow and my back was killing me. The man at the table talked to me about chiropractic and recommended Dr. Brian (closest to my home) – so I came. I thought it was worth a try.

The care I receive at Y-Chiropractic has absolutely changed my life. My pain is gone. I used to be tied in knots. I have soreness occasionally and it always helps to see Dr. Brian.

Adjustments help keep me pain free and limber. Kudos to Y-Chiropractic! And thank you!


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic and started seeing Dr. Paul after finding a tumor in my lungs which was originally diganosed as cancerous, but the cancer turned out to be scar tissue.

After test he found that one of my vertebrae was pinching the communication between the brain and lungs, which didn’t allow the body to heal itself.

After many visits and adjustments, we are on our way to healing.

Y-Chiropractic has changed my life dramatically, knowing there’s solutions to our ailments without having to use medicines or invasive surgeries to correct the problem.

I totally buy into their philosophy of the body healing itself.


As a teen I injured my back dancing but as most kids do, I didn’t allow my body to properly heal. Entering college I continued to dance but with significant pain.

It became difficult to do what I love. I was sleeping in the fetal position every night. Doctors told me surgery was the way to go but I knew I’d never dance like me again.

Then I met Dr. Paul. It has been a life changing experience. I have never again considered surgery. I’m well into my adult life and I continue to dance!!

I no longer worry that when I have kids I might not be able to chase them around and play. Thank you!


I have been a chiropractic patient my whole life. I moved to Minnesota and my cousin recommended Dr. Paul, so I came, and have now been coming for a few years.

Before coming to Y-Chiropractic, I was experiencing slipped discs in my lower back on an annual basis. I was eating right, walking daily, and doing yoga several times a week and still didn’t seem to be able to keep it under control.

I felt so reactive to pain in my life, even through all my best efforts to be proactive.

I have not slipped a disc since coming to Y-Chiropractic. My proactive, routine wellness adjustments, as well as my healthy lifestyle, has made my past three years almost completely pain free. I feel in charge of my life again.


I first met Dr. Paul during his internship with Dr. John Thatcher. After Dr. John’s death, my sister and her husband had already begun to see Dr. Paul and they referred me in.

I was hit by a car at age 7 and had a neck fracture that healed wrong so have been seeking chiropractic treatment most of my life.

Since that accident I have been involved in a couple more and I am so thankful to have great care from the staff at Y-Chiropractic.

I don’t know what I’d do without them!


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because I was having really bad acid reflux and medications weren’t alway working.

Dr. Paul was recommended to me because he had helped a woman with her stomach problems.

The care I received at Y-Chiropractic has helped me greatly! Not only has Dr. Paul helped me with my acid reflux but also with various hip, back and neck pains I’ve lived with for years.

I don’t dread long car or airplane trips anymore because I can sit without pain now. It’s made a huge difference.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic 8 years ago because I was suffering from constant fatigue and I had trouble breathing sometimes.

I’ve been to traditional doctors, and I was not seeing any improvement in my health using medicine and inhalers. So, I took Dr. Paul’s advice and started coming to Y-Chiropractic to get adjusted.

Eight years later, I’m glad to be still alive, when I didn’t know if my illness in the past was going to shorten my life span.

I believe that Dr. Paul is doing something right, because I have been having more energy the last several years, which has helped me get on with life and doing things I like to do! Thank you Dr. Paul!


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of a screening at the women’s expo. They recommended Dr. Paul – I knew I needed a chiropractor so it worked out.

The care I have received at Y-Chiropractic has greatly improved my health and well being. I don’t get colds and my allergies are improved. Life is great when you don’t hurt!


I had heard many good things about Dr. Paul including his connection to the original Dr. Gonstead. Having tried just about everything else (medical rehab therapy, general chiropractors, acupuncture and other asian therapy), I was resigned to accept my degenerative back disease.

When I finally got to Y-Chiropractic, I was hooked by the pleasant atmosphere and professionalism.

My back used to give out on an annual basis. I could no longer work out and I was getting out of shape. Y-Chiropractic has improved my quality of life from emotional peace, the ability to exercise, and the confidence that my back won’t give out and is on the road to recovery. This stability has allowed me to progress in all areas.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because of the convenient location to my workplace.

My bi-weekly “tune-up” at Y-Chiropractic has kept me active and mostly pain free for many years. I always look forward to seeing Dr. Moon’s smiling face and hear stories of his family activities.


When I was 3 my asthma was so bad the hospital told my parents to take me home to die. They took me home and found a chiropractor instead.

Not only did I live but eventually with regular chiropractic care I no longer have asthma. When I was older I suffered from migraines – chiropractic care helps manage them with very little drug intervention.

I was also told from the time I was 17 that I would not be able to have children. When I told this to my chiropractor, he said he did not need medical records, chiropractic would fix it. I have two beautiful daughters.

Dr. Paul has helped my children with migraine management as they suffer from this too. He also helped them with car sickness and keeps their general health on track.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic because all prior treatments had failed to bring relief from constant pain from past injuries, including car and motorcycle accidents.

X-ray indicated curvature of my spine, which Dr. Moon has been adjusting to relieve pressure on the nerves. I have observed healing and straightening of my spine, and the pain has lessened – on some days totally free from pain.

Chiropractic has contributed to my well-being – due to my age (80) people are attentive to someone who has the vitality, endurance and posture I have.

Straightening a curvature of the spine is a challenge – a long process of healing – people must also maintain a lifestyle that contributes to healing of the body, mind and spirit.

May you be the best that you can be with the help of Dr. Brian and Dr. Paul.


I started seeing Scott at Y-Chiropractic for massage therapy after I injured my neck curling. I was referred to him by Dr. Brian Boyd whom I have seen for chiropractic care for years.

Scott has helped me to resume all of my normal activities. He has also taught me a lot about the muscles in my neck and back and why I was having the problems I was.


I started coming to Y-Chiropractic after I was in an accident.

Since receiving care at Y-Chiropractic I feel great! Between Dr. Paul and Scott I feel great! I feel my spine is finally getting back to where it should be.

Years of pulling carts as a flight attendant and the accident shifted things. Thank you Dr. Paul and Scott, you are the best!