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We work hard to make you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive in our office and for you to have the best experience possible. We make it a point to get to know you & your family. You are not just a number here at YWellness. We have genuine concerns about your health and well being. Although our office is always upbeat & cheerful, we take your health very seriously. We feel it is important to keep a positive attitude & a smile even in the face of adversity. We hope you will in a short time feel a part of our Y Family. Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment: Chiropractic, Gonstead System, Massage, and Y Wellness Classes.

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What People are Saying

  • Darren A.
    “I was scheduled for surgery for a herniated disk & pinched nerve in my neck. With adjustments I made excellent progress. Surgery was first deferred and eventually cancelled. I no longer have pain & have great range of motion."
    Darren A.
  • Edie S.
    “It has greatly improved my health & well being. I don’t get colds and my allergies are improved. Life is great when you don’t hurt!”
    Edie S.
  • Stephanie H.
    “I have been helped with acid reflux and also hip, back & neck pain that I had lived with for years. I no longer dread long car rides or plane trips because I can sit without pain now. It’s made a huge difference.”
    Stephanie H.
  • Jessica W.
    “I feel great when I get adjusted. My immune system is stronger & my body feels better. Being a mom of three I am very active. Chiropractic helps us all feel our best. And it’s the friendliest office ever!”
    Jessica W.
  • Greg C.
    “I was suffering with chronic headaches and increasing pain in my hip. My headaches have now ceased and my hip has improved to the point where I started running again after not being able to for years.”
    Greg C.
  • Doug F.
    “Now my good days are the best they have been in 10-15 years and my bad days are better than my old good days were!”
    Doug F.

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