Allison graduated with 4.0 from Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ in 2011.

She is nationally certified in Massage Therapy.

Allison specializes in Therapeutic and Relaxing massage, including Swedish, Deep Tissue and other modalities.

Call to schedule an appointment with her today at 763-543-9080.

Allison’s story

I moved back to Minnesota in 2012 and reside in Independence with my husband Andy and daughters Nora & Nicole.

In a paper I wrote during my senior year of high school, I said that I was planning to go to Cosmetology school and then maybe pursue a career in Massage Therapy after that. Massage Therapy was always an option when I faced a fork in the road, but I never took it. It wasn’t until

10 years later I finally decided to take that path and I never looked back!

I absolutely love what I do and the opportunity to make people feel better.

Allison CMT
Balanced Bodywork, LLC