Dr. Brian received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1999. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Before joining Y in 2003, Dr. Brian had his own practice in Duluth, Minnesota for over three years. While he and his wife Cyndi enjoyed the beauty of the north shore and all the wonderful people they met while in Duluth, they decided to return to the Twin Cities to be closer to family.

Dr. Brian and Cyndi have three children, Grace, Hannah and Isaiah. The Boyds reside in Plymouth and attend Grace Church in Eden Prairie.

Dr. Brian’s Story

Growing up I considered myself fairly healthy. I came down with a cold or had flu symptoms every once in a while like anyone else, but I didn’t think of myself as sickly.

However, I did have headaches several days a week for as long as I could remember. I would take aspirin or Tylenol, which would sometimes help for a little while, but the pain would always come back. I just figured it was something I had to live with. My mom had headaches all the time and I figured I would as well.

And live with it I did. I continued to have headaches all through college. I also suffered from colds often, and it seemed like I was always taking some kind of over the counter medication. If that wasn’t enough, I developed some intestinal problems. After many diagnostic tests, the medical doctors told me I would also have to live with it.

Now in a typical chiropractic success story I would tell you that I then went to a chiropractor and everything got better. However, I guess I am not typical. I took the path less traveled, and wow, am I thankful that I did.

You see, I decided to become a chiropractor before I ever went to a chiropractor. Sound strange? Well, I thought chiropractic was for people with bad backs, and I thought my back was okay. Besides, I figured if I wanted to be a brain surgeon I wouldn’t undergo surgery to see if I liked it!

I wanted to go into the health field to help people, and after volunteering a couple of summers in the emergency room at a local hospital, I knew that was not the direction I wanted to head. Someone told me of chiropractic, a drugless healing profession, and it sounded very appealing. There were a lot of people with bad backs, and I would be able to help them.

After enrolling in Chiropractic College, I did start chiropractic care through the student clinic, followed by care through one of the chiropractors in the area.

What I experienced changed my life. Once I started getting adjusted, the health problems I had began to clear up. My headaches that I had several times a week all my life began to disappear. My intestinal problems that I was told I would have to live with totally healed. I also found myself much healthier and I didn’t have to take any medications!

With my newfound personal experience along with all that I was learning about how the human body worked, I began to realize the tremendous implications this had on who I would be able to help as a chiropractor. I now understood that chiropractic wasn’t just for people with bad backs. Chiropractic has the potential of helping anyone who wants to be healthy!

It is from this understanding that I strive to educate people on what chiropractic is and what it can do to help people. Why should anyone suffer their whole life with a problem that could have been helped early on, as was with my case?

For that reason I encourage you just to get checked to see if there is possibly a spinal problem that could be interfering with your ability to be healthy. It could change your life!