Dr. Paul was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, and he earned his Bachelors Degree in Human Physiology from the University of Saskatchewan.

He moved to the United States to study at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota. After he graduated in 1998, Dr. Paul worked with his mentor, Dr. John Thatcher, a very successful and respected Chiropractor with over 40 years of clinical experience. It was during this time that Dr. Paul learned the secrets of building and operating a successful Chiropractic practice.

In 1999, he opened Y-Chiropractic in Plymouth, Minnesota. Dr. Paul intended to have a double meaning to his office, Y-Chiropractic. Dr. Paul has fulfilled his most basic responsibility of adjusting bodies back to health. But Dr. Paul has distinguished himself by creating a family environment focused on HEALTH, HOPE, and HEALING. Dr. Paul’s patients appreciate his commitment to empowering them with knowledge for a healthier and more balanced life.

Dr. Paul and his wife Jean were married in 2004 at the Church of All Nations, where they originally met. It is still unclear who asked out whom first.

“Only God knows,” they both say.

The Moons have two children, their son Tyden, and their daughter Cora. They also have a Bichon Shih Tzu dog named Mochi, which is a teddy bear mix.

Dr. Paul’s Story

I was raised in a very traditional, medically oriented family. My father was a medical radiologist and my mother was a nurse. One day my family and I were driving to visit relatives when suddenly a drunk driver smashed into us. As a result of the accident my mother suffered two fractured vertebrae. Her life from that moment changed forever.

What I didn’t know is that so did mine.

My mother went from vibrant and energetic to tired and lethargic. Imagine trying to raise three young boys (at the time 4,5 and 7)? Impossible! My father had specialists from all around the world examine my mother, but all the drugs and therapies actually made things worse.

Then one day my mom’s friend suggested Chiropractic. My mom found a Chiropractor an hour away so my dad would not find out. Well you know what happened next…


After only a few adjustments, she finally experienced relief that two years of traditional medicine could not produce. My mom was given control of her life back. She had more energy, her headaches were gone, and finally, no more pain. It was amazing! I thought Chiropractic had healed my mom.

This is when a young Dr. Paul was born.

Little did I know that my childhood Chiropractic experience would come full circle. A family originally from Canada now living in Minnesota came to me after they were involved in a car accident.

It reminded me so much of my family’s experience.

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