Reanna received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2015, the same college she received her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology. Reanna is a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES) and is also certified in dry needling.

Reanna recently moved back to the Twin Cities in April 2022 after living in Wisconsin for 4 years and opened her business, Realign Pelvic Health in May 2022 with office space within Y Wellness in Plymouth. For answers to questions or to schedule, contact Reanna at or call/text her at 612-208-2518.

Reanna and her husband, Javi, live in Golden Valley with their two rescue pups, Piper and Poppy.

Reanna’s story

When I was growing up, my grandpa had his second major stroke. Watching him work diligently with his therapists in the hospital and at rehab made me inspired and intrigued about pursuing a career in physical therapy. The more I learned about what PT is, the more the desire to chase this dream became. All throughout school, I only had eyes for a career in the hospital setting; I wanted to help patients just like the therapists helped my grandpa. During PT school, we talked about the pelvic floor for maybe 2 hours and read 1 research article on it and I distinctly remember thinking “Ew, gross! Who would ever want to do this all day every day?”

On my very first clinical while still in PT school, my clinical instructor said “I know you think you will work in the hospital, but I think you are destined to work in outpatient PT.” I graduated PT school and started a job in a hospital but I couldn’t shake the comment my clinical instructor said to me. Was I destined to work in an outpatient setting?

Fast forward to the year after PT school, I started having my own pelvic floor symptoms, especially pain. I went to my doctor who told me I had two options, 1) live with the pain and just accept it or 2) go to pelvic floor PT. If my doctor wouldn’t have sent my referral to a clinic who called me to schedule, I honestly don’t think I would have followed up but going to that appointment, which then turned into several, completely changed the trajectory of my career. I realized how much pelvic floor therapists help improve the quality of life of their clients because I experienced it first hand. Fast forward today and now I’m the person who spends all day every day treating and talking about the pelvic floor 😊