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June 15, 2017
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August 14, 2017

When a woman is expecting a baby they often focus on their health only with concern to how it effects their growing baby. In truth, their body is going through so many stressors and changes; self care is equally important. By adding regular massage therapy into her prenatal care routine, a mother will reduce her chances of having pain lasting long after baby has gone to kindergarten and graduated from high school.

As ligaments relax, her feet will behind to turn outward and her low back will become more swayed.

Toward the end of pregnancy, when the baby lowers into her pelvis, mom will start to feel increasing pressure on her hips and low back. Beyond this, her ligaments will begin to relax to allow for the baby to pass safely through. Her posture will change where her low back can become swayed as her pelvis relaxes. Because of these postural changes muscles will tighten up to stabilize and splint, accommodating for these changes. Most moms become more and more uncomfortable as they near their baby’s due date. We help to relax the splinting muscles and reduce pressure in our prenatal massage care.

At the point in gestation when she can no longer lay face down, on her stomach, mom can be positioned in a side-lying position. We are careful to keep the expecting mom fully supported. In this position, we can continue to work on all of the key areas affected by the postural shift of a healthy, growing baby.

There are some areas we avoid during prenatal massage treatments.  These areas include pressure points in the feet and ankles which could trigger early labor or unwanted contractions. Massage is an effective treatment for the aches caused by the postural shift of a lowered center of gravity.

Keeping our new moms as comfortable as possible is an integral piece to our whole family, whole life team approach to your wellness.


By: Anne L’Esperance



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