Y Wellness Open House

Prenatal Massage & Body Work
July 13, 2017
Prenatal Massage & Body Work
July 13, 2017

We want to extend a huge thank you to all who were able to attend our open house! We met tons of our new business neighbors and were able to learn more about our new surroundings.

Here’s our squad
Administrative staff: Sarah, Laura & Karen
Acupuncturist: Dr. Josh
Neuromuscular Therapists: Scott & Anne
Chiropractors: Dr. Brian & Dr. Paul

Doula and Natural Childbirth Educator: Joann


Pat Ross, our downstairs neighbor and his team provided the desserts


Thank you Ross | Johnson & Associates for the sweet spread

Chair massages were a hit with guests of all ages.

Thanks again for coming to see our new space, we are so proud of how it has come together.

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